Manufacturing Execution System

MES, namely manufacturing execution system, is an important link in industrial 4.0. With the increasing higher requirement of manufacturing globalization for management transparency, manufacturing enterprises pay more and more attention to MES, which offers optimal management such as work order management, production process control, inventory management, material tracking management in warehouse, environmental facility management and energy data integration and analysis to enterprises.

Application: MES receives ERP orders, customer needs and work orders and gives production orders to production equipment and personnel.


MES is equipped with SCADA data acquisition and monitoring control system which can be connected to PLC, sensor, RFID reader, bar code scanner gun and bar code printer.


MES can feed back data, materials stock, production status, test quality and condition, logistics and delivery status collected by SCADA to front end and client truthfully and clearly in order to integrate IT application with industrialization.


Ennoconn CEP series industrial level panel PCs are all designed with aluminum alloy panel and body. With excellent heat dissipation capability, ultra low power processor, stable system architecture, IP65 waterproof design and good shock resistance, they are compatible with excellent characteristics of Panel-mount and Visa Mount and can be applied to various industrial control environments and facilities.