Digital Signage

With global informatization, traditional poster campaign or time information release system can no longer satisfy people’s needs due to its limitations. In response to the trend of times and the overall trend of informatization, various digital signage solutions such as digital interactive multimedia system and multimedia information release system emerge in public infrastructure, flight display, catering and retailing.


Digital signage in intelligent bus station or fight display in airport not only enables passengers to acquire bus schedule or flight information, but also displays the weather in real time and gives notices timely as needed by stations or airlines. Furthermore, the application of digital signage improves passenger experience and brings great convenience to station or airport staffs.  


For retail stores, not only can digital signage arouse customer’s consuming desires through interactive advertisement marketing, but also help retailers to acquire consumer demand information timely, so as to facilitate statistical analysis of big data and uniform store management of retailer.


As a multimedia player with industrial level specification and high stability in the application to digital signage, Ennoconn mini embedded fanless system CES-PJ19-D220 ensures 24hX7d stable operation.