Corporate Vision

Subordinate to Foxconn, Ennoconn is a leading service-oriented manufacturer which undertakes realization of the group’s target of industrial Internet deployment, integrates superior manufacturing resources to provide IPC solutions. Centered on China’s strategy to become a manufacturing power, the company vigorously develops Chinese market and is headquartered in High-tech District, Kunshan City, Suzhou Province. With an excellent R&D team and manufacturing resources and based on the core concept of “Quality Product with Ingenuity Made by Ennoconn”, the company not only makes every product with ingenuity and carries forward the spirit of originality, but also actively responds to national policies, seizes the opportunity of industrial 4.0 transformation and upgrading, promotes the process of integrating IT application with industrialization and achieves manufacturing objectives of new China.

The core concept of “Quality Product with Ingenuity Made by Ennoconn” perfectly presents all staffs’ craftsmanship spirit of pursing perfection, dedication and innovation. In accordance with “craftsmanship spirit”, it is the compliance with professional ethics, the creative spirit of pursing excellence and the customer-oriented service spirit. The craftsmanship spirit is the pursuit of perfection and dedication. Likewise, every Ennoconn staff upholds a persistent and responsible attitude, attaches great importance to details, constantly pursues perfection and gives customers the best experience. 

As a leading manufacturer in the IPC field, the company will continuously produce quality products. According to customer needs, we will devote ourselves to manufacture of quality products from board design to system assembly through strict material selection, product details discussion and function & appearance improvement. Ennoconn’s spirit of originality is embodied in the manufacture of quality products.

In line with “craftsmanship spirit and original intention of Ennoconn”, we always believe that concentration makes perfection. Each time we make improvements we enter a new stage and repeated testing lays a solid foundation for manufacture of quality products. It is quality product that can stand the test of time and makes customers satisfied. Ennoconn gives painstaking effort and soul into every quality product.

The craftsmanship spirit is an art and the new generation craftsmanship spirit aims to promote the world’s progress. Ennoconn has constantly achieved a balance between technology and price, accelerated industrial upgrading and created innovative products fit for industrial development. That is, Ennoconn makes quality products only.