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Standard Product: Ennoconn Corp has standard PCBAs such as ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, 3.5”, and other form factors. Systems offer the options of different height from 1U, 2U, 3U to 4U. The product application fields involve intelligent retail, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing and other different industries. The slogan of "Ennoconn Quality Product, Casted with Ingenuity" is printed on all Ennoconn products and by focusing on the slogan, Ennoconn continues to create high-quality products.


Customized Standard Product: To modify functions or add-on value parts on standard products to meet customers' specific needs, so as to maximize customers' satisfaction. Without doubt, customization is not only reflected in the flexibility of products, but also in the innovation of service mode. Customized solutions, by taking into account the advantages of performance and price, and precise analysis on the needs of specific sectors of the industry, gradually make the products of industrial control field walk towards the trend of diversification.


Joint Design Manufacture(JDM) refers to a mode of joint design and manufacture between an enterprise and a factory or manufacturer. Under this mode, both sides will make use of their respective advantages to jointly develop new products and provide solutions. Then the factory or manufacturer will be responsible for manufacturing the products and the enterprise will be responsible for publicizing and selling the products, so as to promote them to more customers. JDM can help shorten the connecting time for supply and demand between the enterprise and the factory or manufacturer during the product design process, and accordingly achieve high efficiency in R&D and manufacturing while meeting the needs of the customers.


Original Design Manufacture(ODM)refers to original design and manufacturing service. Based on the needs of the customers, we will tailor products exclusively for customers to shorten the product development cycle. An exclusive project team will be set up to design products strictly according to the project schedule, so as to improve overall service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, figure out what is important to application field and the balance between specification and cost are important value from Ennoconn team.


Contract Electronics Manufacture(CEM) refers to electronic manufacturing service. We can provide customers with a complete service. The services not only involve the production and manufacturing of electronic products, but also involve a series of services including the provision of product logistics, material selection, system assembly and maintenance and other services for customers. At the same time, we will guarantee customers' intellectual property rights and ensure that customers' product quality comes first.


From standard to customized products, Ennoconn Corp integrates different advantages of five business models to provide customers with all-round services. With "Ennoconn Quality Product, Casted with Ingenuity" as the core concept, Ennoconn is committed to create high-quality products.