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  • Kunshan & Longhua

Ennoconn factories are located in Foxconn Campus of Kunshan, Jiangsu Province and Foxconn Campus of Longhua District, Shenzhen separately. Kunshan Factory was established in 2002 and its independent production line is consisted of a complete surface mounting technology (SMT) production line, system assembly line and dust free room assembly production line. SMT production line features diversified production in low volume, a flexible production and manufacturing capacity to meet the rapidly changing market demand. The system assembly line is capable of function test and burn-in test, and adopts Shop Floor Control system for full traceability. In the dust free room, there're two assembly lines, both of which reach up to 1K Class Level, suitable for precision assembly. The factory is fully equipped, possessing solder paste tester,  chip placer and nitrogen reflow oven and other sophisticated equipment. The test covers a wide range of aspects, including product test, information and communication technology, function test, burn-in test and indoor temperature cycling, etc.

Longhua Factory was established in 1996 and has a complete production line featuring complete automation system. The application of automatic guided car and smart warehouse has wholly improved the accuracy of production line operation and the timeliness, and greatly reduced corporate' cost and effectively improved resource utilization.

Ennoconn factories provide a full range of solutions from mechanical components, printed circuit boards, semi-finished system products to system assembly. The factories obtain strict quality system to provide quality engineering and failure analysis services by applying RoHS tester, constant temperature humidity chamber, X-ray tester and other inspection instruments from incoming material inspection, automated first-article inspection (FAI) to finished-product inspection. The factories have successively passed the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001, etc. and possess intelligent supply chain management system, featuring Quick Response to Customer Needs, Automatically Secured Committed PO Raw Materials, Automated Material ETA Report Generation, Automated Report and Sales Order Generation, and Automated Material Shortage Report Order Acknowledgement. The rigorous management system and complete equipment guarantee the all-round services provided to customers.