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Ennoconn(Suzhou) Technology Co.,Ltd.as the headquarters in China is located in the high-tech zone of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province with a comprehensive R & D center, sales center, and manufacturing base. With a skilled R&D team and abundant manufacturing resources, Suzhou Ennoconn strives to build an open innovation software and hardware platform for product design, system integration, and manufacturing. A unified platform will significantly enhance the services combining software and hardware to facilitate integration of industrialization and information technology and accelerate industrial application innovation in intelligent transportation manufacturing etc.  This approach supports expansion within the domestic market and provides localized services under the strategies of corporate strategic alliances, merging & acquisition, product standardization, and customized service.

Ennoconn(Suzhou) Technology Co.,Ltd. manufacturing bases in Kunshan, Jiangsu, and Longhua, Shenzhen, are fully equipped for mechanism manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and system assembly, with high manufacturing and production capacity as well as a high-level engineering service technology to provide customers with more options for more satisfaction. The manufacturing bases have complete quality inspection systems and EHS(Environment, Health, Safety) management systems to guarantee excellent quality and also have received the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001. Meanwhile, Suzhou Ennoconn can provide customers with instant and immediate logistics services anytime and anywhere via Foxconn’s procurement platform and the global logistics platform.

As an associate member of Intel's IoT Solutions Alliance, By working closely with Intel, we can adjust the technology roadmap and plan, to optimize development synchronically with the Intel platform. We actively participate in training, education, market development events, to provide thorough solutions and further develop the embedded-intelligence system market.

In an active response to national policy, Ennoconn adheres to the core value of "Quality Product with Ingenuity Made by Ennoconn "to ensure the best quality of every product. It is our dedication to facilitate the national industry upgrading and propel China manufacturing into a new era.

Established in 1999 and listed on the Taiwan stock market in 2014, Taiwan Ennoconn is an industrial computer integration solution provider for product design, manufacturing, and integration service. With a major business in researching and developing motherboards, operation systems and touch screens for industrial purpose computers, Ennoconn has delivered products for application in many different industrial sectors such as smart retail, intelligent transportation, and intelligent manufacturing. Also, Ennoconn has developed five different lasiness models including standard product, customized, joint design manufacturing (JDM), original design manufacturing (ODM), and customized electronic manufacturing (CEM). In 2007, Ennoconn was M&A by Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer. By leveraging Foxconn’s dominant designing and manufacturing resources with its quality service and rapidly evolved into a leader in the industrial automation field. Ennoconn production lines are in Foxconn campns under close supervision and guidance of its engineers to ensure quality during the whole production from material filling to finished product verification. Meanwhile, Ennoconn's labs in different cities, known as South China Centers, strive to verify the product's final quality in all aspects and keep our customers ahead among competitors..


In recent years, to optimize superior resources and enlarge the market share, Ennoconn has successively implemented various strategies such as corporate strategic alliance, M&A as well as standard and customized product manufacturing. 2007 marked the year of a big leap of Ennoconn when joined the Foxconn Technology Group. In 2016, Ennoconn became the largest shareholder of Europe top solution provider S&T and started cooperation with German Kontron as an indirect investor, which facilitated Enoconn's transformation in the automation field. In the same year, Ennoconn established a brand partnership with Sharp to integrate branding and production. During its rapid development time, Ennoconn acquired more than ten subsidiaries including ASIATEK, GoldTeK, AIS, DEXATEK, and DIVA, which expanded the business ranges to the automobile fleet platform management, mounted handheld devices, human-computer interaction, smart home, smart healthcare, etc. All these subsidiaries fully exerted their advantages and obtained leading positions in various industries. In 2017, following the acquisition of MIC and Servtech, Ennoconn conducted FMCS and SCADA for internal system integration to gradually build a comprehensive IoT infrastructure platform. The whole Ennoconn team is committed to craftsmanship, pursuing the best quality of industrial control products with humility, prudence, and perseverance, willing to offer professional services and suitable solutions for different applications. It is our goal to achieve an overall optimization and upgrading of the industrial control field and facilitate the arrival of industry 4.0 era by integrating the industrialization and information technology.

Founded in 2017, the Suzhou Ennoconn as the China headquarter as well as an R&D center, sales center, business incubation base, and manufacturing base has a great resource advantage from Kunshan Smart Valley, Duke University, etc. By combining producing and teaching, Ennoconn continues to advance and complete the industrialization and information technology in the industrial automation field and be the industry leader and achieve Product by Ennoconn, Best of the Best.