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Steve chu

●Chairman of Ennoconn (Suzhou) Technology Co.,Ltd.

●Lead Ennoconn Technology Co.,Ltd. for acquisitions of many subsidiaries

●Best Small and Medium Enterprises of TOP 200 in Asia Pacific Region by Forbes Magazine in 2014,rank 9th in Taiwa

Gather the world's top-notch talents and possess the world's leading technology in software and hardware integration. The company dedicates itself to the optimization of industrial control products and the optimization and upgrading of services for a long time. Both the leading team featuring excellence and complete organizational structure and the young and initiative team members take "Ennoconn Quality Product, Casted with Ingenuity" as the service concept, and always adhere to the pursuit of quality products in industrial control field, and with an open-minded, careful and persevering attitude, create Ennoconn's exclusive products integrating high quality and value.

Ennoconn has an excellent leading team and a R&D team, which is comprised of members with an average experience of more than 10 years in industrial control field and familiar with the product demand of industrial control field and product test standards in various industries. The members pour into painstaking effort and practice repeatedly to realize the continuous optimization and upgrading of products under the guide of craftsman's spirit during the New Product Introduction (NPI) from wire layout to function setting and from appearance improvement to finished-product inspection. Professional testing personnel are staffed for controlling the product from its design to mass production, from the purchasing of every individual raw materials to the finished products, with the purpose of maintaining the compliance with the demands of industrial control field. The project management team actively accepts industry challenges. The advantages of the individuals and the team are completely combined to offer better solutions for customers. The Business Development Marketing Group positively expands the domestic market and international market, and has successfully established the long-term cooperative relationship with the leading manufacturers in industrial control fields with its abundant industrial experience, unique market analysis and judgment, and Ennoconn's high value products as well. The achievement of cooperative partnership is the biggest recognition of the value of Ennoconn products and the attitude of Ennoconn team members.